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How much does it cost to build a new custom house?

We build new homes for an average cost of $290 per square foot of finished floor area.

Is the garage included as “finished floor area” in a new home?

The definition of “finished floor area” can vary between different municipalities and how it applies to their building bylaws but yes, the garage is included in the calculation for finished floor areas in the calculation of the building cost.

Is it more expensive to build a custom house than buy a new spec built home?

No, the costs to build a custom home are typically the same as the cost for a builder to construct a new spec home. The advantage of building your own custom designed home is that you can allocate the construction funds to the areas of your home that suit you best, this allows you to build a home that better fits your lifestyle for the same cost as purchasing a house that someone else designed.

Do I get to decide what type of construction materials and methods are used in the building of my custom home?

Yes, not only will we custom design the layout of your new home but we will also work with you to decide on what type of materials you want your new home built from. There are benefits to using alternate materials like ICF foam blocks filled with concrete to build your exterior and even interior walls.

What are the foam blocks that are used for building concrete walls?

The foam blocks are called ICF blocks, the term is an acronym for ‘Insulated Concrete Form’ and Harbour Oak Homes has used this new approach to forming concrete walls for foundations and exterior walls for some of our new homes.

Are there advantages to using ICF forms for a new home?

Yes, ICF formed walls provide a

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Why build your own custom home?
Why build your own custom home?

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