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Renovations & additions

Harbour Oak Homes can help you maximize the value of your current home and property with complete renovation and addition services. We will review your existing home's structure and layout with you and design your new homes revised plans. We are a full service home renovation and addition contractor and will take your project from start to finish.

Harbour Oak Homes also offers rezoning and property consulting services to help you maximize the value of your property. We have extensive experience with the subdivision and rezoning processes of local municipalities.
Foundation extension

Renovations & Additions

If you are mostly happy with your current home but would like to make some improvements to increase it’s comfort or functionality then Harbour Oak Homes can help. We offer a full service approach to your renovation and addition needs, we do our own drafting and plan preparations and work with you from start to finish to design and build the upgraded home you desire.
Matt and his crew will work hands on to carry out the changes and improvements you need in your home. We work with reliable sub trades and have created solid and trustworthy relationships with the plumbing, electrical, insulation, drywall, painting, cabinetry, tiling and flooring companies that we use on a regular basis.

The first step is to book an initial consultation and walk us through the changes and/or additions you would like to see with your house. From there we can generate a rough budget for the work and prepare some preliminary plans for your review. If the rough budget and initial plans look good to you then getting a permit ready set of plans prepared and a full quote for the work would be the next steps. We can provide you with a ‘fixed price’ estimate for the work based on the layouts and specifications from the permit set of plans, or we can do the work on a ‘cost plus’ basis for the rate structure noted below.
New House Addition
Total construction costs under $100,000 = cost plus 17%
Total construction costs under $500,000 = cost plus 15%
Total construction costs under $900,000 = cost plus 12.5%
Total construction costs over $900,000 = cost plus 10%

Cost Plus Construction RATES

A ‘fixed price’ contract will provide an exact dollar amount for the work to be completed as per plans but does not allow for any extra work requested during construction or for any hidden issues with the home that may be uncovered along the way. A ‘cost plus’ contract allows for my flexibility of design and finishing materials during construction and the ability to deal with unforeseen issues more easily. We typically find that a ‘cost plus’ style contract works better for renovations and additions to existing homes as there will usually be some issues encountered during construction and changes requested by the owners as the project takes shape and rooms move from lines on paper to actual spaces in front of us.

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